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Team Modus
Team Modus is a squad of diverse Philadelphia Techies making a change for good and for better.

Lloyd Emelle Guru Lloyd

Hi! *beep *boop

Kelsey Huse Supreme Lead

The answer is yes.

Di Long Data and Di-signer

Pennsylvania History Guru and Gamifier

Kristerpher Henderson Data Nerd / Shape Shifter

It's not about how you build it, it's about why you build it.

About Modus-Keystone

Modus-Keystone is an augmented reality game to learn about Pennsylvania's rich historical sites. Participants earn crypto currency for reaching new historical landmarks and for solving puzzles associated with each destination.
#code4pa #hackathon
Code4PA is a hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun among PA’s network of technical talent. Through a series of collaborative events, teams will utilize state and local data to generate ideas, designs, prototypes and/or apps to increase transparency and efficiency for public engagement with the government.